Jion Dongle

Hermit of the Wood, King of the Leaves.

Race: FIRBOLG BR: HERMIT AL: NG HP: 9 PROF: +2 SPEED: 30 INI: -1 AC: 12 HD: 1d8 SA: +6 SDC: 14

STR: 16 +3
DEX: 9 -1
CON: 13 +1
INT: 11 +0
WIS: 18 +4
CHAR: 9 -1

QS: 5ft Bludgeon 5 1d63 Sickle: 5ft Slashing 5 1d43

Spells: Jump, Thunderwave Cantrips: Mending, Shillelagh



Can cast disguise self and detect magic 1/rest
Turn invisible as bonus action 1/rest
Can lift, drag, push, and carry weight as if one size larger
Plants and beasts understand me and I get an advantage on charisma checks.

Hermit Feature: Understand Secret Druid Language.


Have I told you about the time I lost at Xhung to a Treant? Oh?! You say we’ve not met before? I tend to forget these social rules for you see I’ve been living deep with in The Veil for many many moons. There has been many stories, I surmise, told in hushed tones about an evil warlock haunting the wood murdering the hunters that took his beloved bride on the day they chose to wed. Aye, it’s a good story, but not mine.

I am but a lowly druid sent into seclusion by thy own sorrows. You see I used to own a small farm on the edge of the veil just outside of town a hundred years or so ago. My wife and I ran it together protecting the wildlife of the wood. Caring for the sick and injured creatures that shared mother nature with us. A strong spirit she was. Lost in fantasies of treasure hunting. We had gotten word one night that some hunters were in our neck of the wood. Angry, she went out to challenge them, but… But alas she was murdered. Lost, in a fury of emotions I gathered up a few belongings and ran deep into The Veil without looking back.

Wh- Why have I come back? Well… A little sparrow had heard whispers of an expedition for treasure. Inspired, I realized that I could fulfill her dream. To put her to rest. With all that gold I could buy our old farm back. My anger toward Hunters still burns deep within my heart, but once I get my farm back I’m going to buy as much of The Veil as possible and ban those who dare to hurt the gifts of mother nature.

Now, barkeep I have no coin how am I to repay you?

Jion Dongle

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