From the Giants Keep

The land of Caldenbrooke

A world ravaged by war

The land of Caldenbrooke is a large one, taking a full year to travel from coast to coast in good conditions. It's most northern reaches are occupied by the Frostfire mountain range, known as the Crown Jewels of Pelor due to its ice caps reflecting the light of the sun at midday. To the south is a great desert that no one has ever successfully explored. This land is surrounded by the Great Abyss, a body of water inhabited by great sea beasts of every shape and size, with flesh as hard as steel and teeth as sharp as swords. Traveling too far off the coast often results in the total death and destruction of those who attempt it, so most people only travel via the coast or in land via the rivers or paths that connect the cities of this land. 


french_benjamin_j french_benjamin_j

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